Videos About Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms


Nothing Left After The Storm Except The Storm Shelter

 Storm Shelter Saves Many Lives In Moore, Oklahoma


What are the benefits of having a storm shelter? Can a storm shelter save your life in a tornado? Can pets go into a storm shelter? Find out more about storm shelters: in-ground or underground storm shelters and safe rooms.  

Mike Smith, owner of Great American Storm Shelters explains how easy it is to use your storm shelter after it is installed.  

There is a simple solution to the loss of lives caused by tornadoes. Quality Storm shelters save lives. Be sure that you hire an expert to install your storm shelter properly. Great American Storm Shelters exceed FEMA standards and has expert installers. Our storm shelters are tested every year by real tornadoes and have passed every test. For a small investment, you are protected for life.  

NY Times quotes about tornadoes in Oklahoma. How many people could have been saved in the tornado if they had access to a storm shelter? Storm shelters (in-ground or underground shelters) and safe rooms can save lives.  

Has tornado alley moved? A report by CoreLogic, a private research company, finds that the traditional boundaries of Tornado Alley which included: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota, has been expanded to include much of the Midwest and the Deep South. Great American Storm Shelters wants to help you protect your family from impending tornadoes.   About tornadoes in the Southeastern United States. During April 2011, a massive storm system hit Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee generating 351 tornadoes, killing 338 people. Great American Storm Shelters can give you information that will help you prepare for any future tornadoes in your area.

Mike Smith, owner of Great American Storm Shelters explains how your family can be protected by a storm shelter.