Wow! Where do I begin? I have been researching storm shelters for over a year and felt even more lost than when I began. Then I came across Mike Smith and Great American Storm Shelters. I called Mike on a Friday afternoon and we talked in length about his products and my application. I had originally chose the 8′ x 6′  above ground Storm Shelter. So when I called Mike back, he questioned how many people was I going to accommodate. Long story short Mike told me that I only actually needed a 8′ x 4′ above ground Shelter. Wow!! The first time ever that I haven’t had anyone to NOT to try to “up-sale” me for more than what I needed.

The Fit, Finish and overall construction of the Shelter is absolutely impeccable! I could NOT possibly be more happy with my Shelter. Mike Smith is a “Stand-up” guy in my book. Honest, extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and has true integrity and character. I would, anytime give a personal reference for Mike and these above market quality Shelters.
Thank you Mike for Everything!!!!

Jeff Smith

Mr. Mike Smith, I thought a tornado would never hit my house. My name is Andrea Frazier and I am from Ider, AL. My home was destroyed on November 30, 2016 by an F3 tornado. Our home was moved completely off the foundation and the inside of my house was a wreck.  My family and I were in our storm shelter and were unharmed. We had our shelter installed after tornados destroyed a family friend’s home in 2011. We recently had a shelter installed at the house we are currently living in while we rebuild. Mike Smith and his partner had it installed quickly and made sure we were satisfied before they left. I truly believe that the storm shelter saved me and my family that night. The shelter was the best investment my husband and I ever made.

Tornado Safe in Ballantrae

Tornado Ider, AL  








My name is Robbie and I live in Pelham, Alabama. Several of my neighbors have installed Great American Storm Shelters and praised Mike Smith for his professionalism and the quality of his shelters. After researching other companies both within the state and outside, my wife and I decided on Great American. We selected an above ground shelter placed inside our existing garage. The installation went perfectly. Mike personally supervised the installation. He and his crew delivered the 4×6 shelter and had it completely installed within our garage in less than one hour. The company offers a wide range of above ground and in-ground shelters and Mike was very helpful in helping us decide which shelter would best fit our needs. If you are looking around for the best product and best price you don’t need to look any farther than Great American Storm Shelters.

Mike, In the past few years my family has had a couple of tornadoes come close and each time has been terrifying because we didn’t have a shelter to protect us.  I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our new Safe Room you installed…the piece of mind that comes with it is priceless.  Thank you for your great service.  It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks,

Chad Cook

Hello Mike, Due to unusual circumstances our family has moved twice in less than 5 months. Both of the homes we purchased are in Oxford, Mississippi and neither of them have basements. Thus it is a pleasure and honor to write a letter of recommendation for you. Believing it is critical to prepare for potential severe weather, we researched our best options. We searched information about the different in-garage shelters and found the product offered by your company, The Great American Storm Shelter Company ( to be the best. We solicited quotes from 5 different agents who install these shelters and Great American Storm Shelter offered the best product at the best value and price. As a result, we had you install storm shelters in both of the respective homes, the first, in May 2013 and the second one, in October 2013 (last week). Plus you did a fabulous job on both installations! We thank you greatly, Mike, and your crew. Again, both installations were done extremely well. It was a pleasure working with you all. You were very professional, hard working and dedicated. The installations took a lot of patience, coordination, precision, and planning. Both shelters were completed successfully and adds value to both the physical property and to our peace of mind. We commend you, your company, your product and your expertise! Thanks again!

David and Loree Allen

Do you have a storm shelter?

We attended the Birmingham Home and Garden Show this past spring where we saw a selection of different types of storm shelters and we talked with several suppliers. Among them was Mike Smith of Great American Storm Shelters. We felt that the shelter provided by Mike was at a very reasonable price when compared to his competition. When we got down to specifics, we were pleased to learn that Mike and Great American Storm Shelters were flexible on the arrangement of the shelter for no additional cost. For example, we could choose either a left hand or right hand swing on the door and we even had a choice of whether we wanted the door on the end of the shelter or on the side for no extra cost. All of the other manufacturers that we talked to had additional costs associated with these options. Furthermore, delivery and set up were included with the price for the shelter and applied to any location in Alabama ….. there was no mileage charge for distance from the shop as with other suppliers. The shelter was delivered when it was promised and Mike and a workman had it installed and anchored to our garage floor slab in about an hour. In summary, we are pleased with our shelter and feel more secure in knowing that we have a convenient place to take refuge in the event of severe weather.

Ken and Phyllis Trotter


  Mike, I wanted to express my thanks for the professional installation of our in-garage store shelter. As you know, our son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters live outside Oklahoma City near Moore, Oklahoma. Their proximity and real-world experience with tornados in the past 2-3 years caused us to search for shelter options here in Birmingham. We do not have a basement in our house and none of our rooms were large enough for us and our two dogs to shelter in the same space. Not only did my wife and I not want to be separated in a storm situation, we wanted to ensure we had adequate shelter for our other Birmingham kids and grandkids who may be spending time with us. Most importantly, we wanted a shelter that gave us the greatest chance to survive storms similar to the ones that hit Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Moore. Since the installation, several bad storms have threatened Birmingham. Neither my wife nor I have given a second thought as to where we will shelter during a tornado or if we will survive such a storm safely. David and Kris Peat