Many things are uncertain in life and Mother Nature is unpredictable. You never know what she will do. Tornados are a vicious system that can strike with little to no warning. In the event of a tornado, you only have a few minutes to respond, but what if you don’t have a shelter? Where would you go? Great American Storm Shelters has the answer for you. Our storm shelters or safe rooms can save you and your loved ones lives. Our storm shelters are guaranteed for both quality and efficiency. You can rest easy knowing that you have the top of the line storm shelter at your disposal when a tornado hits your area.

Our crews work quickly and efficiently, using read mix concrete instead of quick set concrete. We fill the site with 100% ready mix concrete and fill the entire area not just the top. This makes sure that your storm shelter isn’t going anywhere no matter the power of the storm that hits. You can rely on our expert installation and the strength of our storm shelters. We also haul off the extra dirt as well as the concrete debris and power wash the site clean, leaving it in better condition than before we installed your storm shelter.

Our safe rooms can be moved if you decide to move to a new residence, so you are making an investment that you can take with you. If you decide to leave your storm shelter when you move, you increase the value of your house and give prospective buyers one more special reason to buy your house.

We offer storm shelters all over the United States with offices in the states of Alabama and Texas. We install storm shelters in the following states: Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia. In life, there are no certainties, but by allowing Great American Storm Shelters to help you be prepared, you can be certain that your family and loved ones will be protected.

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