Alabama Safe Rooms – Texas Safe Rooms

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Our safe rooms have been tested by the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center at Texas Tech University, and found to exceed FEMA standards. We sell our safe rooms to residents of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas and Tennessee.

Our safe rooms are available in metal or concrete. Either metal or concrete will also work as a panic room in the event of a robbery, an added feature we like to point out. Also models both come standard with a series of three (3) deadbolts to ensure security. Both safe rooms come with a steel door and the opening is 36” wide to accommodate most wheelchairs.

Metal Safe Rooms

Metal shelters are available in custom sizes, ranging from 4’x4’ to 8’x8’ to meet your needs.

Concrete Safe Rooms

Hausner’s concrete safe rooms are available in two sizes: 4′ x8′ AND 6’x6’x6’2”.

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We install storm shelters in the following states:
Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia.