Concrete Outside Shelters by Great American Storm Shelters


Slope Front Shelters

slope shape storm shelterOur slope front shelters are available in 3 sizes: Small, Large and Jumbo
Dimensions for Small Slope Front:
Interior: 5’x7’x6’2″
Dimensions for Large Slope Front:
Interior: 6’x8’x6’2″
Dimensions for Jumbo Slope Front:
Interior: 6’8″x10’x6’2″


Flat Top Shelters

flat top storm shelterOur flat top shelters are available in 2 sizes: Small and Jumbo
Dimensions for Small Flat Top:
Interior: 5’x7’x6’2″
Dimensions for Jumbo Flat Top:
Interior: 6’8″‘x10’x6’2″