Tennessee Storm Shelters

Tennessee can be an exciting place to live, but when tornado season hits many people get more than they bargained for. In past years, Tennessee has received up to 44 tornados per year. While most years are not quite as hectic, they do present many problems, especially to those without storm shelters.  Storms hit all over Tennessee, giving the state two “tornado alleys” (areas where tornadoes strike most often). These can range from EF1 all the way up to EF5, although EF4s are much more common in the area. In the last two years, at least three tornado outbreaks have affected Tennessee. A tornado outbreak is when there are several tornadoes within a couple of days. Sometimes these storms do not start in Tennessee, but cross the border after they have already increased in magnitude.

Having several storms a year greatly affects those who live in Tennessee. If you are thinking about storm shelters, Tennessee is the perfect place to install one. We install storm shelters in Tennessee that can withstand the damage done by an ED-5 level tornado.

One of the best features about our safe rooms is that you can move them from home to home. Even if you are purchasing your starter home, you should equip it with a safe room so you and your family are safe in the event that a tornado strikes your home. When you are ready to move, your safe room can be installed in your new home.

Our team takes extra care in the cleanup at the job site. We haul all fill dirt and concrete debris away from the site after construction, and pressure wash the entire area. Our motto is that the area around your storm shelter will look cleaner than when we started. You are hiring us to provide a valuable service, not destroy the way your home looks, and we keep this in mind every step of the way.


We install storm shelters in the following states:
Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia.